One Eleven and our Politics

I was deeply impressed after reading a write-up under above heading that was published in the weekly Holiday of 7th May 2010. “People need a white paper on 1/11” written by Obaid Chowdhury from New York, USA. [] in which he questions the veracity of Retired General Moin U Ahmed’s statement in his book that the main reason for his ‘patriotic’ action on 1/11 was the UN warning that if the Army helped in the scheduled elections of January 22, 2007, Bangladesh’s participation in the UN peacekeeping activities would be hampered. Two months ago Renata Lok Dessallien, the UN Resident Representative in Bangladesh, came out with the truth that there was “no such communication from the UN”, as was published in the newspapers in 2007. So who is telling lie?

My appreciation and feelings can not be put into words for the writer who so cogently could shed lights on such a vital issue and exposed the true character of the retired general Moin U Ahmed. But who will bell the cat? The elements inside and outside the Government won’t like to prosecute themselves!
Soon after the declaration of emergency, retired Gen. Moin’s activities reminded us of the horror of 1971 when Pakistan Army personnel uprooted innumerable hapless poor men, women and children from their shanties. After 9/11 from the old airport and adjacent areas of the cantonment through Rokeya Sharani they were evicted in search of shelters; soon after the vacant lands were occupied by land grabbers.
Without providing any alternate accommodation or allowing time those wretched men, women and children were driven away by force on a moment’s notice. The evictors incurred hatred of the people. Some of their atrocities were reported by the media. Ordinary airman used to behave like ruthless commanders inside the airport terminal building.
Poorest of the poor were targeted. People like Rickshaw pullers were victimised and harassed right and left when they were ordered to obtain driving license. Then the street hawkers were uprooted and were deprived of their means of livelihood.
However, above was nothing compared to the irreparable damage that was done in various ways to our country by this over ambitious, greedy, incompetent persons. History will judge him one day as the new Mirjafar of Bangladesh. He must be made accountable for all his actions and misdeeds.
It’s a shame that a traitor like him was nominated and selected as our army chief by the BNP Government disregarding the criterion of promotion i.e. strictly as per seniority and efficiency. This malpractice has to end. Our armed forces must not be politicised. This is one of the root causes of break down of discipline. But to our misfortune, this has been the norm and tradition in breach of fundamental rules and basic principle, since the creation of Bangladesh, as initiated by our late leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Such appointment and promotion to the key positions cannot be a matter of choice due to personal liking and political consideration.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during her first tenure appointed her relative who was already on LPR, as army chief, and even promoted him to the rank of a General, in utter disregard to service rules. During her present tenure she has promoted ex- BDR DG to the rank of a major general within a year superseding many of his seniors.
But I suppose it is the constitutional right for a Government employee to serve till the age of 57. Any government or an individual working in any responsible position should be held responsible and accountable for any action taken and one only hopes that the concerned persons get their due recognition or punishment.


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