AL MP sued for assaulting traffic sergeant

AL MP sued for assaulting traffic sergeant

Savar, July 09 (–Ruling Awami League MP for Dhaka-16 Ilyas Uddin Mollah has been sued for assaulting a traffic sergeant at Ashulia, on the outskirts of Dhaka city.

Traffic police sergeant Shariful Islam filed the case with Ashulia police on Thursday night.

Summarising the case, Islam told that a severe traffic jam had piled back on the Dhaka-Tangail highway, due to traffic avoiding the pot-holed Ashulia bridge, about 5pm on June 30.

The sergeant said, as he was on duty there at the time, some people asked him about the snarl. The MP who was stuck in the gridlock allegedly grabbed his collar and started verbally abusing the traffic officer.

“At one point he slapped my cheek hard,” Islam claimed.

Ashulia police chief Sirajul Islam said legal steps, in line with the order of higher authorities, would be taken over the allegations.

Dhaka district superintendent of police Iqbal Bahar told “We have accepted the charge after talking with senior police officials.”

He added that the case will be investigated “as per rules and steps will be taken according to the findings.”

The Ashulia bridge was repaired that same night, June 30, following the incident.


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