Mitt Romney could be president!

What is more, despite being the presumptive front-runner now, he has been beaten in some polls by the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, who aren’t even in the running yet. Nearly half of likely Republican primary voters are unhappy with the choices in front of them, even in New Hampshire, where his lead is strongest.

But his advantages as a candidate shouldn’t be ignored. He has out-raised and out-organised all his rivals, without yet dipping into his fortune again.

He will have problems explaining his health care reform in Massachusetts – which has many similarities to Barack Obama’s reviled national reform – to hard-core Republicans, but he is not the only major candidate who will have some explaining of past policy to do.

He may be a weak front-runner, but the whole Republican field is weak. Mike Huckabee, the man who beat him in Iowa, has dropped out, along with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels, who both had the bona fide conservative credentials the party’s grassroots now yearn for.

Romney will learn from his mistakes of 2008. This time his early-state strategy will focus on New Hampshire, moderate and next door to Massachusetts, rather than Iowa, where the Christian Right dominates the Republican primary organisation.

source: The telegraph


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