Reading Comprehension Test -7





 Incident report #SSU 022/3892


On Sunday 23 March 2003, at 1330 hours a man entered Police Station #7 and said that a group of wild dogs had attacked his son. The man was escorted to interview room # 4 by the duty officer. The man told the officer that at 1030 hours his son had been playing in front of their house that was located at Main Street  #3983, grid reference 375-364, when suddenly three dogs attacked his son. The man said that the largest of the three dogs, a white male, approximately 40 kilos in weight, seemed to be the leader of the three dogs. The other two dogs were not as big as the leader dog, and only weighed about 25 kilos each. One of them was all brown and the other was black with a white spot on its chest. The man said that all three dogs were in a very dirty condition and did not have any collar or identification tags. The officer asked if the man’s son was still at home. The man informed the officer that an ambulance had taken his son to local hospital for care and that his wife had gone with the boy in the ambulance.


Follow-up report #SSU 022/3892

On Sunday 23 March 2003, at 1430 hours, a Kosovo Police Service officer (KPS) was sent to the local hospital to inquire into the nature of the boy’s injuries. The doctor told the officer that the child had been bitten in the face and needed 12 stitches to close that wound. He had also been bitten in both arms and severely bitten on the right hand. There were two areas on the right arm that required seven stitches each and the index finger on the child’s right hand was being surgically repaired at that time. The officer asked the doctor to call the police station with more information if there was any change in the condition of the child.


Follow-up report #SSU 022/3892

A KPS officer interviewed the child’s mother at the local hospital immediately after interviewing the doctor. She told the officer that her son was playing with a small red ball in front of their house when the three dogs attacked him. She said that she had seen the dogs before. She saw the dogs in the area yesterday, and that they had tried to bite other people. She said that she yelled at the dogs during their attack on her son and tried to beat them off of her son with a stick, but they did not stop biting her son. The officer noticed that the mother’s right hand had also been bitten, and instructed the medical staff to attend to her.


Follow-up report #SSU 022/3892

On Sunday 23 March 2003, at 1800 hours, two police officers from Station #7 were sent to Main Street #3983 to investigate the group of dogs that had attacked the child earlier that day. Upon arrival, they noticed a black dog with a white spot on its chest running into a vacant building on the West side of the street with a red ball in its mouth. The officers proceeded into the building and saw all three dogs together, fighting over the red ball. The first officer yelled to the dogs and the largest white dog turned to face the officers and started growling. The officers could see that there were no collars or identification tags on any of the dogs. Suddenly, the white dog attacked the two officers. The first officer drew his 9mm weapon and fired four times, killing the large white male dog. As the first officer had fired his weapon, the other two dogs began to attack. The second officer fired his 9mm weapon at the remaining two attacking dogs six times, killing them both.

The investigation into the ownership of the dogs is continuing.



QUESTIONS                                     READING TEST                      “SIERRA-1”



Question paper A


Family Name: ………………..………First name: ………………………….. CP #: ………

Country:…………………..                                                                                Date………………….


Q1:      Where was the mother of the child when the father was in interview room #4?




Q2:      How many total stitches did the child receive at the local hospital?




Q3:      How heavy was the leader of the three dogs?




Q4:      How heavy was the dog that was running with the red ball?




Q5:      What was the date that the mother had seen the dogs before?




Q6:      How many times did the officers shoot the three dogs?




Q7:      How many persons were injured during the dog attack?




Q8:      What condition was the all brown dog in?




Q9:      What was the gender of the leader dog?




Q10:    In what type of a building were the dogs shot?



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