Bangladesh Dropped From Blacklist

The All-embracing Civilian Aerodynamics Organisation (ICAO) has alone Bangladesh from the account of countries with alarming civilian aerodynamics systems about three years afterwards the organisation blacklisted the country.

No bounded airlines acquired approval to accomplish flights on all-embracing routes while Bangladesh was on the cogent assurance affair account for the endure three years. But now they are acceptable get permission to fly new all-embracing routes.

Besides, several European countries are accepted to lift restrictions on Bangladeshi aircraft application a lot of of their airports.

The move will aswell advice the civic carrier, Bangladesh Biman, resume flights on the Dhaka-New York avenue and get Bangladesh upgraded to category-1 from Category 2. In 2006, the US Federal Aerodynamics Administration (FAA) demoted Bangladesh to category-2.

Countries that abatement beneath category-1 are those which accede with the ICAO’s aerodynamics assurance standards, while those that abatement beneath category-2 are those that do not, according to the FAA website.

The latest ICAO accommodation follows the Civilian Aerodynamics Authority of Bangladesh’s (Caab) efforts to accede with the ICAO regulations on arising operation licence to airlines, surveillance on air operators, airworthiness and advancement able documentation, accretion manpower and acumen of both Caab and added airline operators, said Caab officials.

“We accept accustomed a letter from ICAO. It was beatific on July 19 adage Bangladesh had been alone from the account of countries with cogent assurance concern,” said Wing Commander SM Nazmul Anam, Caab administrator of flight assurance and regulation.

“We managed to amuse ICAO with an absolute accomplishment to accede with their instructions to ensure assurance in flight operations,” said Anam.

Quoting from the ICAO letter, he said “The aggregate accomplishments of Caab in acclamation and absolute the assurance threats were begin satisfactory.”

Some European countries and Singapore belted Caab-certified airlines from application a lot of of their airports as Bangladesh was on the account of countries with cogent assurance concerns.

Those airlines could not access flight abundance in the European countries for the endure three years and had to use appointed airports for aircraft landing and take-off. Moreover, GMG had been barred from application Singapore airport.

Caab admiral said the airlines would accept faced added restrictions from European countries in the approaching if ICAO had not afar Bangladesh from the list. Several European countries accept already warned that they will appoint restrictions on flights from blacklisted countries.

Bangladesh was included on the account in May 2009 if the country bootless to appear apple-pie through an ICAO inspection.

The latest ICAO accommodation comes afterwards two after audits by the all-around aerodynamics watchdog’s experts to appraise Bangladesh’s initiatives against ensuring assurance in flight operations.

The audits were agitated out amid June 21 and June 27, and July 9 and July 11.

The aggregation scrutinised Caab’s achievement and efforts in 5 areas — air worthiness, cadre licensing, legislation, and operational and organisational activities.

Caab faced a boxy analysis and a absolute of 304 agreement questions.

The analysis aggregation aswell monitored assorted aspects such as arising operation licence to airlines, surveillance on air operators, airworthiness, documentation, manpower and acumen of both Caab and added air operators.

Caab Assistant Administrator Prashanta Kumar Chakraborty said, “Now, Caab’s acceptance to bounded airlines will be recognised as all-embracing acquiescence certification.”

Imran Asif, arch controlling administrator of Regent Airways, said the accommodation would advice accompany in added business for bounded airlines, as they were acceptable to get permission to accomplish flights on new all-embracing routes.

“It’s actual harder to run an airline with alone calm operations. Now we achievement to get permission to fly all-embracing routes and a adventitious to account added from the investments on workforce and infrastructure.”

“This accommodation will aswell advice addition the advance the aerodynamics industry has accomplished in contempo years,” he said


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