Universities of Bangladesh

Public universities

Bangladesh has 30 public universities instructing the bulk of higher studies students. These universities that are funded by the Government and managed as self-governed government institutions. visit http://www.allinoneforu.com [1] for more information.

Dhaka division

War memorial sculpture in Bangladesh Agricultural University

Al-Beruni Hall of Jahangirnagar University

Following are the 12 public universities located in Dhaka division. Seven are in Dhaka in the Dhaka District. Two universities in Gazipur and one on Savar also come under that district. Mymensingh District features two universities, one each in Mymensingh and Trishal. One more is in Tangail. The university in Mymensigh specialize in agricultural sciences, and a university in Dhaka specializes in medical sciences.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
7. Bangladesh Agricultural University[2] BAU 1961 Mymensingh Agriculture [2]
8. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University[3] BSMAU 1983 Gazipur Agriculture [3]
9. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University[4] BSMMU 1965 Dhaka Medical [4]
10. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology[5] BUET 1962 Dhaka Engineering [5]
11. Bangladesh University of Professionals[6] BUP 2008 Dhaka General [6]
12. Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology[7] DUET 2003 Gazipur Engineering [7]
13. Jagannath University[8] JNU 2005 Dhaka General [8]
14. Jahangirnagar University[9] JU 1970 Savar General [9]
15. Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University[10] KNU 2005 Trishal General [10]
16. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University[11] MBSTU 1999 Tangail Technology [11]
17. Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University[12] SBAU 2001 Dhaka Agriculture [12]
18. University of Dhaka[13] DU 1921 Dhaka General [13]

Rajshahi division

Administrative building of Rajshahi University

Administrative building of RUET

Following are the public universities located in Rajshahi division. Two are in Rajshahi, one in Rangpur and another one in Dinajpur.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
23. Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University[14] HSTU 2002 Dinajpur Technology [14]
24. Rajshahi University[15] RU 1953 Rajshahi General [15]
25. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology[16] RUET 1962 Rajshahi Engineering [16]
26. Begum Rokeya University[17] 2008 Rangpur General [17]
27. Pabna University of Science and Technology[18] PUST 2008 Pabna Technology [18]

Khulna division

Auditorium of Islamic University

Following are the four public universities located in Khulna division. Two are in Khulna, one in Jessore and another one in Kushtia. The university in Kushtia is the only public university in Bangladesh specializing in Islamic studies.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
19. Khulna University[19] KU 1991 Khulna General [19]
20. Khulna University of Engineering and Technology[20] KUET 1969 Khulna Engineering [20]
21. Islamic University[21] IU 1980 Kushtia Islam [21]
22. Jessore Science and Technology University[22] JSTU 2008 Jessore Technology

Chittagong division


Following are the five public universities located in Chittagong division. Three are in Chittagong, while one each are in Comilla and Noakhali. One of them specializes in Veterinary Sciences.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
2. Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology[23] CUET 1968 Chittagong Engineering [22]
3. Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University[24] CVASU 2006 Chittagong Veterinary Sciences [23]
4. Chittagong University[25] CU 1966 Chittagong General [24]
5. Comilla University[26] UC 2006 Comilla General
6. Noakhali Science and Technology University[27] NSTU 2005 Noakhali Technology [25]

Barisal division

Following is the only public university of Barisal division located in Patuakhali.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
1. Patuakhali Science and Technology University[28] PSTU 2001 Patuakhali Technology [26]

Sylhet division

Language Movement Monument of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Following are the public universities located in Sylhet division. Both are in Sylhet, and both are specialized, as one instructs in technology, the other in agricultural sciences.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
28. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology[29] SUST 1987 Sylhet Technology [27]
29. Sylhet Agricultural University[30] SAU 2006 Sylhet Agriculture [28]

Special universities

Following are the public universities that operate through a number of colleges all over Bangladesh instead of a localized campus. Both have headquarters in Gazipur.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
30.. Bangladesh National University[31] NU 1992 Gazipur General [29]
31. Bangladesh Open University[32] BOU 1992 Gazipur General [30]

Private universities

Establishment of private university in Bangladesh initiated after the institution of the Private University Act 1992.[33] As of 2008, 54 such universities are operational in five out of six division of the country. Barisal is the only division of Bangladesh without having any private university.

Chittagong division

Following are the six private universities located in Chittagong division. All six have main campuses in Chittagong city. One has its urban campus in Kumira, outside the main city. Five are general purpose universities, while one is specialized in technology.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
1. Begum Gulchemonara Trust University[34] BGTU 2002 Chittagong General [31]
2. East Delta University[35][36] EDU 2006 Chittagong General
3. International Islamic University, Chittagong[37] IIUC 1995 Chittagong General [32]
4. Premier University, Chittagong[38] PU 2002 Chittagong General [33]
5. Southern University, Bangladesh[39] SUB 2001 Chittagong General [34]
6. University of Science & Technology Chittagong[40] USTC 1989 Chittagong Technology [35]

Dhaka division

Faculty of Business & Economics, Daffodil International University

Queens University Campus, Banani,Dhaka

Foundation Building, East West University

Department of English Language and Literature, Darul Ihsan University

Following are the 45 private universities located in Dhaka division. All are in Dhaka city, capital of the country and most are in Gulshan Thana, Dhanmondi Thana and Uttara Thana. All but three are general purpose universities. Two specializes in technology, while one specializes in women’s studies.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
7. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology[41] AUST 1995 Dhaka Technology [36]
8. American International University-Bangladesh[42] AIUB 1994 Dhaka General [37]
9. Asian University of Bangladesh[43] AUB 1996 Dhaka General [38]
10. Asa University Bangladesh[44][45] ASAUB 2006 Dhaka General [39]
11. Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology[46] ADUST 2004 Dhaka Technology [40]
12. Bangladesh Islami University[47] BIU Dhaka General [41]
13. Bangladesh University[48] BU 2001 Dhaka General [42]
14. Bangladesh University of Business and Technology[49] BUBT 2003 Dhaka Technology [43]
15. BRAC University[50] BRACU 2001 Dhaka General [44]
16. Central Women’s University[51] CWU 1993 Dhaka Women’s Study
17. City University, Bangladesh[52] CUB 2002 Dhaka General [45]
18. Daffodil International University[53] DIU 2002 Dhaka General [46]
19. Darul Ihsan University[54][55] DIU 1989 Dhaka General [47]
20. Dhaka International University[56] DIntU 1995 Dhaka General [48]
21. Eastern University, Bangladesh[57] EU 2003 Dhaka General [49]
22. East West University[58] EWU 1996 Dhaka General [50]
23. Gono Bishwabidyalay[59][60] GB 1996 Dhaka General [51]
24. Green University of Bangladesh[61] GUB 2002 Dhaka General [52]
25. IBAIS University[62] IU 2002 Dhaka General [53]
26. Independent University, Bangladesh[63] IUB 1993 Dhaka General [54]
27. International University of Business Agriculture and Technology[64] IUBAT 1991 Dhaka General [55]
28. Manarat International University[65] MIU 2001 Dhaka General [56]
29. Millennium University[66] MU 2003 Dhaka General
30. Northern University, Bangladesh[67] NUB 2002 Dhaka General [57]
31. North South University[68] NSU 1992 Dhaka General [58]
32. People’s University of Bangladesh[69][70] PUB 1996 Dhaka General [59]
33. Presidency University[71] PU 2003 Dhaka General [60]
34. Prime University[72][73] PU 2002 Dhaka General [61]
35. Primeasia University[74] PAU 2003 Dhaka General [62]
36. Queens University QU 1996 Dhaka General [63]
37. Royal University of Dhaka[75] RUD 2003 Dhaka General [64]
38. Shanto Mariam University of Creative Technology[76] SMUCT 2003 Dhaka General [65]
39. Southeast University[77] SEU 2002 Dhaka General [66]
40. Stamford University Bangladesh[78] SU 2002 Dhaka General [67]
41. State University of Bangladesh[79] SUB 2002 Dhaka General [68]
42. United International University[80] UIU 2003 Dhaka General [69]
43. University of Asia Pacific (Bangladesh)[81] UAP 1996 Dhaka General [70]
44. University of Development Alternative[82] UODA 2002 Dhaka General [71]
45. University of Information Technology and Sciences[83] UITS 2003 Dhaka General [72]
46. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh[84] ULAB 2004 Dhaka General [73]
47. University of South Asia, Bangladesh[85] USAB 2003 Dhaka General
48. Uttara University[86] UU 2004 Dhaka General [74]
49. Victoria University of Bangladesh[87] VUB 2003 Dhaka General [75]
50. World University of Bangladesh[88] WUB 2003 Dhaka General [76]

Rajshahi division

Following is the only private university located in Rajshahi division. It is a specialized university with its campus in Bogra.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
51. Pundra University of Science and Technology[89] PUST 2001 Bogra Technology [77]

[edit] Sylhet division

Following are the three private universities located in Sylhet division. All three has main campuses in Sylhet town.

↓ University  ↓ Nick Founded  ↓ Location  ↓ Specialization  ↓ Website
52. Leading University[90] LU 2002 Sylhet General [78]
53. Metropolitan University[91] MU 2003 Sylhet General [79]
54. Sylhet International University[92] SIU 2001 Sylhet General [80]

International universities

Five Fundamentals Gate, Islamic University of Technology

There are only two international universities in Bangladesh. These universities are neither managed and funded by the government, like public universities, nor established under the Private University Act and managed by a private governing body, like private universities. One is established by Organisation of the Islamic Conference and located in Gazipur, Dhaka division while another is located in Chittagong division and funded by Asian University for Women Support Foundation (AUWSF), a United States based non-profit corporation.[93]

( Collected from wikipedia)


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